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Online Lessons

I also offer online lessons from my home studio via Zoom. So, no matter where you are in the world you benefit from drum lessons. 

For this option all you need is a strong internet connection an acoustic or electric drum kit.


£20.00 (30mins)

£25.00 (45mins)

£30.00 (1hr)

Electric Drums vs Acoustic.

Having recorded acoustic drums at some of the worlds best studios including the prestigious East West Studios in Hollywood, I've seen how much expense goes into creating a world-class drum sound.

With recent technological advances in sampling and triggering it is now possible to perfectly replicate not only the drum sound from a world-class studio but also the feel and playability of an acoustic kit. 

By combing the powerful Roland TD-50KV with the world-leading drum sampling package - Superior drummer 3 (SD3) the possibilities for both acoustic and electronic drum sounds are endless.

You'll be hard pushed to find a better drum sound


without spending thousands of pounds on a fancy studio. My set up will give you un-rivalled quality with endless sound options so you can get the perfect sound for your track. 

​SD3 Highlights:

  • Samples recorded at Galaxy Studios by award-winning engineer George Massenburg

  • ​Eleven room microphones set up in a surround configuration, for use in anything from stereo to 5.1, 9.1 and all the way up to 11.1 systems.

  • 16 unique acoustic kicks, 27 different recorded configuration

  • 25 unique acoustic snares, 35 recorded configurations

  • Tom shell dimensions cover ranges from 6” to 20”

  • ​Sticks, brushes, rods, felt mallets

  • Drum head selection available on select kits and instruments

  • Approx. 350 electronic drum sounds, sampled from vintage and  classic drum machines 

  • In combination with the large selection of extra instruments added for stacking and sound design purposes,

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